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A place for my thoughts

16th April 2023

If you have been with someone all your life you have never met them. You have never gotten to know them because you have always known them. You will never meet this person because you do not need to.

13th April 2023

I am becoming god and melting into the fabric of everything around me. This singer's voice is inside my head to the point it might as well be my own. There is one consciousness and it is woven between the space that I share with everything around me. Space that is as much made up of every object and energy and animal and human as it is of me. There is a flow to every eb and there is a light to every darkness otherwise these peaks and valleys would not exist.

There is love so endless I cannot describe it, I just know I feel it. There is hope and there is light friends. To have an experience so profound as to break into a new state of consciousness is to enlighten yourself for the greatest good known to man.

12th April 2023

Another one about time for you friends. To become aware of the time means to waste some of the time you have. Every time you check the time there is less time to check.

9th April 2023

Time moves too fast the little bitch. Or maybe it's my perception that moves too fast and if I can control my perception at all times I will control time itself

8th April 2023

My laptop died in my dream and then I woke myself up to go plug it in

8th April 2023

If sleep releases natural DMT into the brain we should all learn to lucid dream to control our transcendental experiences. If meditation is the poor mans keta then sleep can be the poor mans DMT.

8th April 2023

Ding dong goes the gong