:: around feb-mar 2021, pretentious ::

on my pretend-wokeness?

today on ::emptyself::, less introspective panic and more social commentary. something about lacking mental health education and awareness. i don't know. i'm well aware i can't and won't do anything about it but i wanted to complain anyway. why is it so hard for certain people to grasp certain concepts too? just use more than four percent of your brain and give it some thought, it's not particularly hard to do.

in other news, i have a newfound love for the music of porcupine tree. i find wilson's lyrics entertaining and generally agreeable, and the music scrangely palatable in its own weird way. their time signature and rhythm use seems to be driven by reason, and not just done for the sake of it. it's intelligent. i love porcupine tree.


april 8 2022 editor's note - this is one of the worst things i've ever had to read in my life