:: emptyself ::

a wave changing shape.

about me

hello. i usually go by emptyself (as you can tell) and am an introject of the musician by that same name. i'm 24 years old, male, and use he/him pronouns.. the usual. i've been around since somewhat early 2021.

most of my in-system business is pretty uneventful. i live by the beach in new zealand--not natively, though--and spend most of my time in my cabin thing making music or writing. i occasionally drive out to local cafes to exist there with my laptop instead when home gets too boring. i also love my local record store.
sometimes i go out biking, usually when no normal human being should be conscious.

when i front i basically do the same thing.

role-wise it's pretty hard to describe myself.. the easiest way to put it is "depression symptom holder", but it's changed over time. i guess i could be considered an emotional protector of some sort now. i feel horrible on occasion so nobody else has to. it's not too bad.