palingenesis kahney
fem; she/her ∙ 15
july 27 ∙ ♌︎ leo

"british and ginger "people" don't exist. they're just a figment of our imagination"

my face ------->

hellohello. idrk what to put here other than hi my name's long and I sit around and code and eat hot chip and lie all day

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I generally enjoy things like listening to/making music, biking/walking, talking to people on discord etc

my natural habitat is sat down on my bed with my laptop

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the main bit


ahem. so I finally kinda finished this page lmao

yknow I made this bit expecting to know what I wanted to say or write or put here in general but now that it's come to the point where I actually need to put something here I'm just blanking out. I have absolutely nothing. I don't know what this neocities requires anymore and I don't know if I've got another strange description of myself left in me

3/7/22: remembered this site exists............

5/3/22: mate

3/3/22: today's entry is a bit of a personal one so strap in get ready for palingenefacts!!!!!

list of jobs I work in headspace to afford guitars
- dog walking
- paper route

it's not much but it's honest work
used to run a lucrative freeze pop business..... got shut down.............
makes you wonder. is 50p truly too much for a freeze pop or could I have extorted more from the poor students of my husk of a secondary school

in other news if you translate "palingenesis" to arabic on google it gives you "altasahul". if you switch the languages around it translates "altasahul" into "indulgence". it knows mate

21/2/22: did I ever share how much of a massive chocolate problem I've developed...... absolute madness mate. feed me anything with chocolate in it and I'll like it cos I've got the diet of a 5 y/o girl according to some palingenefriends

18/2/22: I've come to realize that the display on this page is far too utterly fucked for me to be able to fix LOL. sorry anyone who doesn't literally use my exact laptop apparently


(also meshuggah)

29/1/22: currently getting into creative writing in quite possibly the most unexpected way you'd ever imagine. also meshuggah

28/1/22 update: maybe I'll just use it as a blog LMFAO
soooo today I worked on the guitarcase main page and I really like how it came out lmao. modified the fronting script thingie for it which I also feel very good about and now I'm working on this thing again bc I finally got ideas for it

ALSO ALSO ALSO meshuggah released a new song today you should listen to it. speaking of meshuggah I've become their #1 fan best band ever

friendship ended with tesseract. now meshuggah is my best friend