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The home of myself and my adrenal reasoning.

Not to be viewed by those with a narrow mind, sensitive eyes, inability to listen,......................or anyone at all. Proceed at your own discretion.

{This is where I'll put an about-me, or something. I currently don't feel like writing about myself much.}


I've given myself vertigo by staring at my screen this close for this long, but I think I can still write for a few minutes.
As of maybe half an hour ago, I've divised a get-rich-quick-scheme. It's easy, affordable, and anyone could replicate it. The plan, or step, really, since there's no more than a single action, is as follows:

Set my analytic sight into overdrive and pick up every single coin I find. Every. Single. One.

Not counting money I've done minimal physical labor for (can't do too much before it gets illegal) I've already made 24,72 freedom bucks using this single easy method. TWENTY-FOUR. Well almost twenty-five. Some of it was acquired a little more dubiously, but that's in the past and I have it now. Why are you still reading this? Why aren't you going around looking through your neighborhood for little bits of metal? You could be getting rich. Like me. I could buy a venus flytrap. YOU TOO COULD BUY A VENUS FLYTRAP SO GET COLLECTING.